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Should the USA be Giving Foreign Aid to Islamic Enemy Nations?

What we have seen within the last two days in the Middle East is nothing short of an organized, massive uprising against the United States by radical Muslim nations.  This anti-American uprising occurring in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other Muslim … Continue reading

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What if the Economy should improve between now and November? All of the Republicans and Obama agree that jobs need to be created. They just differ on HOW to create the jobs—the private sector or the government. If per chance … Continue reading

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Obama’s Jobs Speech to a Joint Session of Congress

Is This Just Another Election Stunt? President Obama today (8-31-2011) announced that he is requesting a joint session of Congress to announce his “new” jobs plan for America.  This planned speech is set for 8 PM on Wednesday, September 7, … Continue reading

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Does the President of the United States Really Manage the Economy?

Virtually all of the mainstream media and most of the general public are under the distinct impression that one of the president’s key jobs is to “manage” the country’s economy. Few, if anyone, ever challenge this proposition, probably because a … Continue reading

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