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FAU- Fund Another University

On December 30, 2012, I viewed three Emails requesting donations. One was from my alma mater Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the other from Hillsdale College, and the third from our home town heroes, Institute for Policy Innovation. I clicked on … Continue reading

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Screaming Donkeys

Last week my four-year old grandson was sick. All he wanted was to hear me sing those great songs my mother used to sing like Swinging on a Star. It has some funny lyrics like, “a mule is animal with … Continue reading

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Who Felt the Sky Fall

March 1, the latest apparent apocalypse deadline, came and went; Congress did nothing — something it does well. Republicans won’t agree to tax hikes and Democrats won’t vote for entitlement spending cuts. The Democrat’s self-inflicted sequestration (2011 Budget Control Act), … Continue reading

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Special Forces: A Call To Action

America teeters on the brink of Obama’s and the liberal Congress’ 2011 dream-child sequestration. Now the President wants a “balanced approach” to fix sequestration. Remember his “balanced” package for the fiscal cliff  was tax increases and NO spending cuts. Broken … Continue reading

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Is it Time For Republicans to Give Up the Fight over the Fiscal Cliff?

In the 5 weeks since the re-election of Barack Obama as president there has been a astonishing resurgence in the president’s popularity among the American people.  Since election day, when Obama’s general popularity numbers were hovering around 50% in the … Continue reading

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America Commits Suicide

This article “The End of an Empire“ from the Canada Free Press clearly articulates my innermost feelings about what happened to America on November 6, 2012. An ignorant, brainwashed, selfish, electorate who believed the lies, smears and racial divisiveness of a … Continue reading

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Should the USA be Giving Foreign Aid to Islamic Enemy Nations?

What we have seen within the last two days in the Middle East is nothing short of an organized, massive uprising against the United States by radical Muslim nations.  This anti-American uprising occurring in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other Muslim … Continue reading

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GOP Establishment Throws Conservative Todd Akin Under the Bus for a Misstatement

Mike Huckabee, David Barton, J.C. Watts and Others Come to Akin’s Defense The rush by the Republican Establishment elites to crucify Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin for his  ill-conceived words on rape and to withhold funds for his crucial campaign … Continue reading

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Is Obama Deliberately Trying to Weaken America?

  The most recent cover of Newsweek features an article entitled “Hit the Road, Barack – Why We Need a New President”.  Considering that Newsweek is an established member of the liberal mainstream media, it is a truly startling and … Continue reading

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What has come over Senators Coburn and Young? Am I the only conservative who is suspicious of the ‘Conservative Majority Fund’s’ persuasive TV ad urging us to sign the petition to keep Obama off all state presidential ballots and forcing … Continue reading

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