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Mandatory Entitlement

In the 2010 debate Harry Reid, said, “these ideas of my opponent are really extreme” because I challenged him, “Man up, Harry Reid… In 1990, you said it was stealing to use Social Security for anything but Social Security, and … Continue reading

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Does Harry Reid’s Fortune Come From Illegal Activity?

Scandals in Government aren’t limited to IRS targeting, violation of First Amendment rights by the Obama administration, or Benghazigate. On May 29, one of Harry Reid’s closest Nevada friends was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions to “Friends of Harry … Continue reading

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We Will Remember Them

The final Monday in May is Memorial Day, a designated federal holiday to remember the men and women who died while in military service. Not to be confused with Veterans Day, which celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, … Continue reading

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Mom Was a Lady

I lost my mother, the ultimate liberated woman, true feminist and leader, in 1988. She taught me to celebrate the strength and power of women. The Left treats women as persecuted by societal injustice and battling with men. “The pathology … Continue reading

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Sharron Angle: Common Core Poison

My political journey began at the legislature testifying for a new Nevada home school law in 1983 after my son’s teacher introduced a religious abstraction into his kindergarten classroom. Today, the battle continues with an Illinois family finding the classroom … Continue reading

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Saving The Second Amendment

Continued efforts by Congress to pass gun control—threaten American’s right to defend themselves, explaining the “Sold Out” signs at sporting goods stores and gun shows. Sensible Americans want to end violence against innocents, but gun control is not the solution. … Continue reading

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Screaming Donkeys

Last week my four-year old grandson was sick. All he wanted was to hear me sing those great songs my mother used to sing like Swinging on a Star. It has some funny lyrics like, “a mule is animal with … Continue reading

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Who Felt the Sky Fall

March 1, the latest apparent apocalypse deadline, came and went; Congress did nothing — something it does well. Republicans won’t agree to tax hikes and Democrats won’t vote for entitlement spending cuts. The Democrat’s self-inflicted sequestration (2011 Budget Control Act), … Continue reading

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Special Forces: A Call To Action

America teeters on the brink of Obama’s and the liberal Congress’ 2011 dream-child sequestration. Now the President wants a “balanced approach” to fix sequestration. Remember his “balanced” package for the fiscal cliff  was tax increases and NO spending cuts. Broken … Continue reading

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