Mandatory Entitlement

In the 2010 debate Harry Reid, said, “these ideas of my opponent are really extreme” because I challenged him, “Man up, Harry Reid… In 1990, you said it was stealing to use Social Security for anything but Social Security, and then you voted to take that Social Security money into the general fund where it could be generally used for generally anything. When you did that, you left IOUs there, special Treasury bonds that are kept in a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, West Virginia.”(Medicare’s “trust fund” is empty by 2017 and Social Security’s “lock box” bankrupt by 2037.)

In 1993 and 2002, without Constitutional authority, The Social Security Administration (SSA) coupled Social Security and Medicare. SSA Bureaucrats, exercising legislative, executive, judicial, and enforcement powers, answered a request, “[S]ome individuals entitled to monthly benefits have asked to waive Hospital Insurance (HI) entitlement…and added rules to the “Program Operations Manual System”, stating “Individuals entitled to monthly benefits which confer eligibility for HI may not waive HI entitlement. The only way to avoid HI Entitlement is through withdrawal of the monthly benefit application. Withdrawal requires repayment of all Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance (RSDI) and HI benefit payments…The claimant can withdraw an application for: RSI [Retirement or Survivors Insurance, i.e., Social Security] … However, a claimant who is entitled to monthly RSI benefits cannot withdraw HI [Medicare, Part A] coverage only …” Seniors withdrawing from Medicare Part A must surrender their Social Security benefits and repay previous Social Security benefits.

By refusing the appeal of Hall v. Sebelius, the Supreme Court upheld this rule making entitlement mandatory.

“Karen” e-mailed me extolling Massachusetts “Obamacare”, I feel entitled to live like a dignified human being…I pay hardly anything for top shelf care …I receive $900/mo SSDI. Masshealth pays my part B Medicare,…The average studio in Boston/Cambridge is 1000/mo.…I pay 30%… Stop and think of all the necessary low wage earners that serve you and society that can’t afford healthcare. I believe we do and should live in a two tier society… Noblesse Oblige …The obligation of the noble as it were… if I were still a voter in Reno how would you solve my problems?”

In 2012, the noble average household’s share of government spending was $29,691; ($20,293 in taxes, with a deficit of $9,398), Food stamps have tripled, health programs have increased by 38 percent, and housing assistance is up 48 percent since 2002. Over 128.8 million Americans depend on government programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, about 44 percent of government spending, increase by 15 percent when $1.7 trillion is added due to Obamacare. About 40 million Americans have Medicare. If 1 percent of Medicare eligible seniors opted out, Medicare expenditures would decrease about $1.5 billion per year now and approximately $3.4 billion per year by 2017. If they could withdraw without penalty, what would 5% of these “evil, heartless, wealthy” Americans who paid for decades into Social Security and Medicare save America?

The entitled selectively don’t remember JFK’s proclamation, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.


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