The Show Me State Showed Me- Part 1

The Eagle Forum’s annual Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Luncheon honoring Phyllis Schlafly, one of the true pioneers of the conservative movement, also featured Senator Rick Santorum, the real conservative choice for President in 2012. Senator Santorum’s refreshingly blunt, straightforward message absolutely nailed it when he said that we lost because we folded on the social issues, as the establishment rejected the Tea Party.   The one eternal principle – truth – was abandoned in favor of slick, glitzy, rhetoric pandering to the nebulous middle.

The vacuum of leadership in the Republican Party was apparent as  polling and focus groups took the place of standing on conviction and conservative principals.  The Republican establishment abhors cultural or social issues, believing that social conservatives are hated and therefore lose elections. This is the establishment that foists candidates on us who scold us to “get over Ronald Reagan.”

Eagle Forum Warriors

Rick Santorum’s immediate connection with his audience was unlike any I had ever witnessed. I should have known since Missouri was at the forefront of his three state single day victory that jolted the GOP Presidential Primary, showing him to be the most formidable conservative candidate to take on Obama. His gratitude for these Patriots was straight from his heart, not words on a teleprompter. I was privileged to be among this core group of gallant leaders that had defied the odds, taking up his banner as Phyllis Schlafly’s and Eagle Forum’s endorsement became the initial springboard that propelled him to victory. One could sense the mutual respect, appreciation and admiration that they shared. These valiant warriors rose above the all-out assault by the Republican establishment on conservatives, showing the courage of their convictions sadly lacking in the in the Republican elite hierarchy. These were the warriors that battled tirelessly, because they knew that our freedoms and liberty depended on it. The endless phone calls , envelope stuffing , block walking, door knocking , and sign postings among other arduous tasks  during 12 -14  hour days for months on end was not a job to these Patriots . It was a mission; a shared cause. Losing was not an option.

Rick Santorum – The Real Deal

Rick Santorum’s message, an anathema to the Republican elites, spoke unashamedly and boldly about God, family and country. The basic truth he emphasized encompassed the founding principle of the dignity of the individual because our unchanging rights are God given and protected by the Constitution. God loves what our country stands for.  We need to learn from Jesus’ love by telling our story to everyone, because our story is a model of what we believe. In defending the sanctity of life, our movement must be one of love. We must talk to people where they are, showing people we care. Our face must be of face of someone who loves a person in trouble.

His supply side economic plan for the working man, emphasized growth for 100 % of America.

His love for his daughter, Bella, resonated with us as he shared that as Bella battled trisomy 18, her great and beautiful spirit emitted unconditional love. This is lesson for us all.  Just as he fought partial birth abortion, he continues to fight for the rights of all special needs children.  The Senator’s humility, reminiscent of another Pennsylvania native and Missouri favorite son,  Stan Musial , was obvious when he told the story of a cab driver, who knew of Bella’s courageous battle but did not know who he was.

Just as God opposes the proud, he exalts the humble. Senator Santorum understands that the Divine nature of leadership is to be a servant leader.  So that our candidate will be A Choice Not an Echo we need to get behind one candidate and get behind him early. Phyllis Schlafly’ s and Eagle Forum’s choice was correct  in 2012, just as it will be in 2016.  

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