Battleground Texas

Democrats have the lasers of their gun sights firmly painted on Texas and your God-given freedoms. Their plan, if successful, for making Texas a battleground state and then a Democrat stronghold would mean The United States would become permanently Democrat controlled.


Their people-based , metric –driven  organization‘s objective is to make Texas “part of a national discussion” as a swing / battle ground state, by expanding their electorate through voter registration and enlisting disengaged ( liberal ) voters. The intent of their data-driven, people-focused approach is to make every Texas election hotly contested. Top TX Democrat donor Steve Mustyn has pledged to raise the $10 million needed to drive their campaign. They are sending their top strategists with the goal to complete Obama’s vision of transforming our country into his Marxist state, as they attempt to drive the final nails in the coffin of our freedoms and liberty. These young operatives, (20’s & 30’s), are passionate, experienced in Obama (Chicago style) politics, and are storming Texas with a vengeance that must be reckoned with.

Technology Edge Democrats

The GOP technology edge is gone, with the GOP being more than two years behind in developing data – gathering and warehousing technology. We are far behind on social media, as Obama reached millions of people by answering questions on Reddit and hosted digital town halls. Obama’s campaign began the election year confident that they knew the names and interests of every 69,456,897 voter who put Obama in the White House,

Keeping Texas Red

Undoubtedly, Democrats were energized by The GOP’s dismal national performance in 2012. Although we cannot underestimate their commitment and political will, be of good cheer; because the playing field is different in Texas. Above all, the Texas State GOP, and County GOPs (like our Denton County Republican Party) realize the grassroots are the party and that they are there to serve them. Dianne Edmondson’s leadership, with 10 years of winning all partisan elections in Denton County ,  is a testament that common people can do uncommonly great things when given a vision, encouragement, freedom, and direction.

A Call to Arms

Your local County GOP is where the rubber meets the road. Not only are they your local voice, they are your voice at the state and national levels. Most importantly they are responsible for our local primary elections. With Chicago- style politics on the horizon, they are our first line of defense in protecting the sovereignty of our ballot. Early voting, straight party balloting and electronic voting in general elections are allies of the left. Lose the credibility of the ballot and the United States becomes a banana republic.

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