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The Show Me State Showed Me- Part 1

The Eagle Forum’s annual Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Luncheon honoring Phyllis Schlafly, one of the true pioneers of the conservative movement, also featured Senator Rick Santorum, the real conservative choice for President in 2012. Senator Santorum’s refreshingly blunt, straightforward message absolutely … Continue reading

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Does Harry Reid’s Fortune Come From Illegal Activity?

Scandals in Government aren’t limited to IRS targeting, violation of First Amendment rights by the Obama administration, or Benghazigate. On May 29, one of Harry Reid’s closest Nevada friends was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions to “Friends of Harry … Continue reading

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Battleground Texas

Democrats have the lasers of their gun sights firmly painted on Texas and your God-given freedoms. Their plan, if successful, for making Texas a battleground state and then a Democrat stronghold would mean The United States would become permanently Democrat … Continue reading

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