America Commits Suicide

This article “The End of an Empire“ from the Canada Free Press clearly articulates my innermost feelings about what happened to America on November 6, 2012.

An ignorant, brainwashed, selfish, electorate who believed the lies, smears and racial divisiveness of a dedicated socialist and his cohorts has led to the death of America.

Every action by the president, the liberal media, and the Democrat-controlled Senate has been for the purpose of transforming our God-given liberties under the constitution into a failed European socialist state. Much of the blame can be attributed to our public education and higher education system which has been turning out young people who know nothing about our founding and have been taught that America is evil. The students have not a clue about our constitution or the wars that have been fought to preserve our freedom.

The constitution is considered an outdated document that must yield to modern-day society and international law so the Rule of Law is no longer applicable in America.

The ridiculous concept in our public schools of every student being equal with every other student, regardless of academic achievement, is the root for approval of redistribution of the wealth. Taking from those who have earned what they have through hard work, and giving through government force to those who have not earned it is legal plunder-as described in Frederic Bastiat’s ,’The Law’.  ‘The Law’ was written in 1848 just before and following the French Revolution, when France was rapidly turning to complete socialism. Bastiat explains how socialism must inevitably degenerate into communism. . ‘The Law’ should be required reading in every American classroom.

It is too bad that any mention of God or Christ is prohibited in more and more public places and that a remnant of freedom-loving Americans were unable to prevail at the polls. The only bright light on the political scene was the election of Ted Cruz from Texas to the United States Senate. His work is cut out for him. I wish him well.

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