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Obama’s Jobs Speech to a Joint Session of Congress

Is This Just Another Election Stunt? President Obama today (8-31-2011) announced that he is requesting a joint session of Congress to announce his “new” jobs plan for America.  This planned speech is set for 8 PM on Wednesday, September 7, … Continue reading

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Rand Paul’s Amendment to Protect the Privacy of Gun Owners under the Patriot Act was Defeated If you read the July 29th issue of Gun Owners of America you can read all the bad news relating to gun ownership control and … Continue reading

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The Standard & Poor’s Downgrade and the TEA Party

This past week we have seen a confluence of some of the most astonishing financial events in our lifetime.  It started with the last minute debt ceiling deal that pleased no one and did little or nothing to reduce the … Continue reading

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A Bankrupt Nation Keeps on Spending

Congress Fails Once Again to Solve the Nation’s Fiscal Problems After months of meetings, speeches, threats and dire warnings of a US government debt default, Congress this week finally gave in to the pressure and passed another massive debt ceiling … Continue reading

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