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It surprises me that so many Republicans and Tea Partiers (of which I am both) are so excited about passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to our U.S. Constitution. All conservatives favor balanced budgets, but the catch is in HOW to … Continue reading

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The Balanced Budget Amendment and the Debt Ceiling

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Congress attempting to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).  In light of the incredible deficits run up by the Obama administration, and in particular, the speed at which these deficits have … Continue reading

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Obama’s Supports Drilling for Oil – In Brazil!

Drill, Drill, Drill in Brazil It seems that President Obama had something more to accomplish on his trip to Brazil this week, other than to enjoy the sights of Rio and the adulation of Brazil’s leading politicians.  One of his … Continue reading

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From Dianne Edmondson, the Executive Director of the Republican National Coalition for Life Much misinformation has been reported regarding the sonogram bill recently passed by the Texas House. Let’s take a look at the real facts. Fact Number One: No … Continue reading

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House Republicans Surrender to Democrats on Latest Continuing Resolution

Do House Republicans Really Want to Cut the Federal Budget? This past Friday (3/11/2011), House Republicans unveiled yet another Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the federal government running for three more weeks.  To their credit, the Republicans did include budget … Continue reading

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Boehner and Republicans Risk TEA Party Split

Democrat Budget Proposals are Totally Unreasonable On Fox News Sunday (3/06/2011), Sen. Richard Durbin stated firmly that the Democrat’s proposal of only $10.1 Billion in discretionary spending cuts were as far as they could go and were unwilling to go … Continue reading

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