A Tale of Two States

Impeached Ex- Federal Judge and Congressman Alcee Hastings’ recent attack on Congressman Burgess and the state of Texas in a House Rules Committee hearing on Obamacare, illustrates the difference in heritage between Texas and Florida. When Tapley Holland became the first brave patriot to cross the line in the sand drawn by Colonel Travis at the Alamo, he embodied the courage, resiliency, independence, and pride that resonate in Texans to this day. Conversely Florida, although laying claim the oldest city in the U.S., was a refuge for murderers and outlaws. The Everglades of south Florida, infested by mosquitos, snakes and alligators, were uninhabitable to most; stymying the pursuit of the law enforcement. After Congressman Burgess had given a very cogent explanation on why 36 states did not set up exchanges in January 2013 for Obamacare subsidies, Hastings libeled Texas as a “crazy state” that he “would not live in for all the tea in China.” When Congressman Burgess challenged Hastings’ remarks, he condescendingly said that Congressman Burgess could leave if he wanted to. Upon Dr. Burgess’ demand for an apology, his retort was that “hell would have to freeze over“, before he would apologize.

Rules for Radicals Exposed

Hastings’ retorts were straight from Obama’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals,” which utilizes ridicule as man’s most potent weapon. The theory states that it is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule and that it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage. Since Hastings had no logical argument, ridicule became his ally. Congressman Burgess was undeterred by Hastings’ cheap theatrics.

Congressman Hastings also used the left’s “go to play” of accusing Republicans of being the party of “no” and not having a plan to replace Obamacare. In reality, any amendments that passed the House were dead on arrival on Senate Majority Leader Reid’s desk. Republicans were shut out of the original crafting of Obamacare.  His accusation that there are no Republican alternate plans is blatantly false. “Doctor in The House” authored by Dr. Michael Burgess, gives specific practical, market based solutions on insurance reform, tax fairness, medical liability reform, Medicare payment reform, and price transparency; as well as preventive care and wellness programs. By creating products that people want, the critical doctor patient relationship is preserved.  Under Obamacare, these reforms are rejected because the Left wants the government to supplant the role of the doctor in the doctor- patient relationship.

Hastings’ incorrect concept of the Rule of Law was revealed on 3/21/2010, when he explained the Democrats approach to crafting Obamacare. “There ain’t no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something … All this talk about rules …. When the deal goes down … we make ‘em up as we go along.”

Hastings’ Impeachment

 Hastings has the dishonorable distinction of being only the sixth Federal Judge to ever be impeached. In 1981, Hastings was indicted by a federal grand jury, along with his co-conspirator William Borders for accepting $150,000 in bribes for reducing the sentence for a case tried in his court. Although, Frank and Thomas Romano were charged with 21 counts of racketeering, Hastings also ruled to return seized assets previously ordered in Hastings’ court. William Borders was convicted but Hastings was acquitted and returned to his post.

Because of suspicions that Hastings had lied during his trial, a special committee of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals began a three year investigation that concluded that Hastings had committed perjury, tampered with evidence, and had conspired to accept bribes for financial gain.  On March 17, 1987, the U.S Judiciary Conference advised the House of Representatives that Judge Alcee Hastings should be impeached. On August 3, 1988, the House of Representatives approved 17 articles of impeachment for bribery, perjury, falsifying documents, and undermining the public confidence “in the integrity of the judiciary”. On March 16, 1989, the Senate rejected Hastings’ request to dismiss the case and created a 12 member trial committee to report full evidence on the case to the full Senate. The trial committee presented its report on October 2, 1989 to the Senate.

On October 20, 1989, the Senate convicted Hastings on 8 of 11 articles of impeachment concerning false statements Hastings had made during his trial.  Article 3 confirmed his lies about never agreeing with William Borders of Washington, D.C. to modify the sentences of the defendants in United States v. Romano, from a term in the Federal penitentiary to probation. Article 4 concluded that Hastings perjured himself when he denied having any connection with William Borders, a Washington attorney and a close friend in connection with the Romano case. The Senate found that Hastings arranged for Borders to solicit a bribe from the Romano Brothers in order to have Hastings reduce their sentence from prison to probation and to return $845,000 in seized property. The man posing as one of the Romano brothers regarding the bribe turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. Hastings was ordered removed from office.

Unfortunately, the Senate did not vote to disqualify him from holding further office. In 1992 voters in Florida elected Hastings to the U.S. House and in 2002, Texans elected Dr. Burgess.  So which state is the crazy one?

 Side note – In 1998 when the House of Representatives voted on four articles of impeachment on the impeachment of President Clinton, Hastings voted against all four. On Clinton’s last day in office he gave a full pardon to Hastings’ co- conspirator William Borders.

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Has not enough American blood been shed in the Middle East already without the hoped for results? Let’s stop and think about why the culture of the Middle East cannot and will not be changed by more American military on the ground.

For centuries the conflict between warring tribes of Sunnis and Shiites have been unrelenting.

Temporary cessations of the fighting has been just that—temporary.

Even if America should become re-involved in a ground war with ISIS, even if successful, how long would it be before the tribal civil warfare would be re-ignited?

All of the neo-con scare talk about the threat to the United States if ISIS is not defeated, overlooks the continuing threat to our national security posed by our open borders. Already thousands of other than Mexicans are crossing our open border and pose a threat to our national security. The welcome mat is out to those who would violently attack us with dirty bombs and our presence in Jihadist states would not change that, but cost us dearly in American lives and treasure.

I support the killing of Jihadists through air strikes and cessation of dollars in aid. American support in the form of military supplies to Israel and other groups who can be trusted to fight the Jihadists without the loss of more American lives would be a better strategy.

America does not need another no-win war! Close our borders now!

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Show Me State Showed Me- Part III


 Todd Akin for Senate

A candidate for the United States Senate is much like a major league pitcher. One pitch can be the difference between the exhilaration of victory or the agony of defeat .You can be pitching a masterful game, with command of all your pitches. Then one pitch is your doom.  You didn’t get on top of your curve ball and it becomes a fat pitch. When hear the crack of the bat and watch your outfielder take one step and look at your hanging curve ball soar over his head, you know it is gone. All you can do is keeping pitching. Todd Akin wasn’t pitching a perfect game or even a no hitter, but he was pitching the major league pitcher’s coveted five hit shutout. The five hit shutout is the mark of a true professional that has earned the distinction, “He knows how to pitch.”

 Twelve Million Dollar Pitcher

While the St. Louis Cardinals fight for the National League Championship, the stalwart anchor of their pitching staff is National League All Star, Adam Wainwright, who currently leads their pitching staff with 19 wins. Adam’s salary is $12,000,000 per year. Although he has thrown some bad pitches while losing 9 games as well, he still is the ace of the staff. Todd Akin made “one bad pitch” and he was “sent to the showers” by the Republican National Senatorial Committee (RNSC).

Baseball is Not Politics

But alas, baseball is not politics. Politics is its own industry. Todd Akin has paid his dues.  Prior to serving six terms in the United States House of Representatives from 2001-2013, Congressman Akin earned his conservative credentials in the Missouri House of Representatives as a long time pro-life activist, an advocate of home schooling and gun rights, as well as being a staunch opponent of tax increases.  As Congressman in Missouri’s Second Congressional District, he earned high ratings from both the National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association. On the core issues such as Obama Care, Medicare cuts, Social Security cuts and the “ Wall Street “ bailout, his unwavering  conservative positions were a resounding “No”.

History Repeats Itself

To better understand the results of Todd Akin’s fat pitch, we only need to dust off an epic copy of Phyllis Schlafly’s 1964 best seller – A Choice Not an Echo. She exposed the secret kingmakers, powerful opinion makers, those who dictated the Republican presidential nominees, from 1936-1960. They are still with us, taking on different functions. While the Democrat Party circles the wagon when one of their candidates makes a mistake, the elites of the Republican Party call in the firing squad. They did everything they could to give Todd Akin his unconditional release by cutting off all campaign funds and ostracizing him.  The test of his metal was how he stood strong with integrity during this onslaught. As all great leaders do, he took responsibility for his actions. He neither criticized nor complained. He admitted he was wrong, he apologized and asked for forgiveness.   Although this was not good enough for the “kingmakers”, they underestimated one thing: Missouri True Grit.

Show Me State True Grit

While the RNSC basically disowned Todd Akin’s campaign, it was principled true conservative groups that stood in the gap. The focal point of Todd’s campaign was the 6 day, 23 city, “Repeal and Replace McCaskill Bus Tour”, sponsored by Family Research Council Action. Prominent speakers on the tour included Connie Mackey, chairman of the Family Research Council Action; Colleen Holcomb, executive director of the Eagle Forum PAC; and Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. Our own Denton County Republican Chairman, Dianne Edmondson, who was also executive director of the Republican National Coalition for Life, lauded Todd as well on the tour. Phyllis Schlafly spoke on the first stop of the tour. Star Parker from the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), Former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave from the Susan B. Anthony List, and representatives from various gun rights organizations rounded out the impressive entourage. The Missouri State Republican Party funded over $387,000 in ads but more importantly did not back down from the elites. It was the grassroots of the party, in the face of adversity, that refused to leave one of their injured warriors on the field of  competition. 

One Pitch – One Word

Just as one pitch can change a game, a season, or even a career, one single misspoken word proved to be Todd Akin’s undoing.

I first met Todd Akin at an Akin for Senate rally in St. Louis. My first impression of Congressman Aiken, oversimplified as it may sound, was that I was witnessing a kind and decent man standing courageously in the face of unrelenting attacks not only from the government press and opposition, but his own party as well. The support of his family was nothing short of inspiring. Their photo on the back of his push card could have been a Norman Rockwell painting worthy of the cover of an old “Look Magazine”.  Lulli, his devoted wife of 37 years and a veteran of many campaigns in her own right, secured the fortress that was his refuge. Most important was his unfailing faith in God. Some candidates say they are running for office to represent us, they then come back and represent Washington against us. Congressman Akin has shown the courage of his convictions, and has succinctly and consistently followed through on his commitments to his constituency.

 Overcoming the Odds

It would have been very easy for him to compromise his values and succumb to the kingmakers. Quit the race and the kingmakers will grant you an ambassadorship, or some other lure.  Although he fought valiantly, as did his loyal, dedicated supporters, ultimately he lost.

God’s Omnipresence

Nothing happens without the Lord’s knowledge and consent.  Matthew 10:29 says “Are not two sparrows sold for one penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. “

Perhaps it was just not in the Lord’s timing that Todd was to be Missouri’s U.S.  Senator. Exodus 9:5 “And the Lord appointed a set time, saying the Lord shall do this thing in the land. “

And though tough times don’t last tough people do.

Entering the arena of politics is much like becoming a modern day gladiator. If Todd Akin decides to   return to Washington, he will have to strap on the whole armor of God again because he will be returning to rejoin the battle. 

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The Show Me State Showed Me-Part II

Missouri Eagle Forum’s Sweetheart Luncheon for Phyllis Schlafly                             

As Senator Santorum’s speech exposed the vacuum of leadership in the elite of the Republican Party, it was Joan Langenburg’s brilliant introduction of Phyllis Schlafly which demonstrated that real leadership from the grass roots can fill this vacuum.  Joan Langenburg, then President of Missouri Eagle Forum, exemplified the bond that resonated with Phyllis’ admirers which had been forged by over 40 years of her principled, legendary leadership. True leaders are servants first. Mrs. Schlafly’s humility and genuine appreciation for her admirers exemplified that essential quality.

Her articulate speech focused on Obama’s blatant disregard for our Constitution. While he creates dependency on government, he seeks to destroy the basic fabric of our heritage, as he “fundamentally transforms” our society. Phyllis Schlafly champions the institutions that we hold most dear. It was apparent that the Eagle Forum team in that room was the culmination of her years of principled leadership.  Many were probably there 41 years ago when Mrs. Schlafly engineered one of the most amazing uphill political victories of my lifetime.

 Against All Odds – Stop ERA

When ERA was passed in 1972, it was as if the Kentucky Derby favorite broke first from the gate and had an 8 length lead by the first quarter mile.  It passed the House 435-35 and the Senate 84-8. By March 27, 1972, 30 states had ratified it, with only 8 more states needed for this amendment to become law.  Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter gave their unbridled support as well as First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, and Rosalyn Carter. Only three Congressmen, Henry Hyde, Bob Dornan, and George Hanson, along with Sam Irvin the lone Senator, supported Mrs. Schlafly. The constant drumbeat for ratification reverberated from thirty-three women’s magazines and 99% of the media. There was no alternative media, no internet, and not even fax machines.

 The Essence of Leadership

Mrs. Schlafly’s resources were sparse. Her arsenal was the telephone, the Phyllis Schlafly Report, and the truth. Leading from the front, she spoke at 41 state Legislative Sessions from 1972 – 1975. Her debates with feminist loyalists such as Eleanor Schmiel and Pat Schroeder portrayed an inspiring Christian attitude in direct contrast to the acid dump of hostility that boiled and festered in the caldron of the feminist movement.  

Truth’s Style

The truth has a style of its own. Phyllis Schlafly’s credibility stands on its own merit, unvarnished, shining the light of truth on the deception of the left.   The truth of her message that women would be subject to the military draft, would lose the legal support of their husbands, and would lose social security benefits as wives and widows was a powerful message.

 Leadership and Teambuilding

True leaders inspire loyalties that build winning teams. Phyllis Schlafly’s team building started with 100 subscribers to her newsletter sent from Alton, Illinois. She told them that not only did she want them to become leaders in their fight to Stop ERA, but she encouraged them to become leaders in the conservative movement.

Two of our own, Dianne Edmondson and Shirley Spellerberg, answered her challenge. Dianne Edmondson told her charges in the last 6 weeks of the campaign, “I am not asking for your life here, I am just asking for your total commitment for 6 more weeks.” Colleen Parro Baillargeon who would go on to become the first Executive Director of the Republican National Coalition for Life (a position which Dianne later filled upon Colleen’s retirement), recently stated,” I committed to 6 weeks and I am still here over 40 years later. “Just look at their resumes posted here and you will see their remarkable accomplishments that were launched during that era.

God Is Omnipotent

Mrs. Schlafly’s focus and determination was instrumental in this arduous ten year battle as she led the fight to stop ERA. After the seven year statute of limitations had expired without the required ratification by the states, President Jimmy Carter and the Democrat Congress totally disregarded the rule of law by extending the ratification process another 3 years. The Illinois Legislature voted on the ERA in each of those 10 years. With Illinois a key state Mrs. Schlafly’s rallying of 1000 supporters at the state capital in Aurora, IL on April 27, 1976 was a major breakthrough. Then on November 19, 1977, in a leap of faith she rented the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, hoping to attract 10,000 people to counter the feminists’ “Year of The Woman” rally. When that signature event attracted 20,000 supporters, she had built a coalition that changed the face of the political landscape forever. Religious groups that had no previous political involvement rallied behind her, as her core values resonated. They focused on a common goal that transcended any denominational differences. This group, known as the Christian Coalition, was the genesis of the over 50,000 strong army that stopped ERA and was the springboard for President Reagan’s landslide victories. When the final vote on the ERA was defeated in the Illinois Legislature, Eleanor Schmiel stated ,  “ There is something very powerful against us and it is not people. “ 

Iron Ladies

After Prime Minister Margret Thatcher died I saw an article that lamented the fact that the U.S. needed our own Iron Lady. When the Reagan Diaries were published in 2007 this entry was discovered, written on March 21, 1983: “Phyllis Schlafly came by. She’s darned  effective . Her plan to counter the new ERA campaign is brilliant.” Her best–selling 1964 book, A Choice Not anEcho, shows her to be not only a dynamic leader but a visionary as well. Mrs. Schlafly’s voice of reason on crucial subjects such as health care, immigration, the sanctity of life, and education reverberates through the psychobabble of the political elites with lucid common sense and the wisdom of her years.

As I walked from the luncheon into the brisk, winter afternoon, I could envision the eagle that symbolizes the strength of our liberty and freedom soaring majestically in the bright sunlit sky.  And I realized: America has an Iron Lady and she can be found at the Eagle Forum.

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Don’t try to improve Renewable Fuel Standard, repeal it


 Congress shouldn’t be picking energy winners and losers

By Elizabeth Ames Jones | July 9, 2013 |

Little noticed that while the immigration debate raged in the Senate last month, the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House took up the issue of the federal government’s Renewable Fuel Standard 

The standard was passed as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It mandates that renewable fuels – most commonly ethanol and biofuel – be added to transportation fuels in increasing amounts over the next decade.  

The ultimate goal, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is to see more than 30 million gallons of renewable fuel in circulation by 2022. While ostensibly a move to combat the impact of fossil fuels, the standard was largely a giveaway to large agricultural interests in electorally important states, and, as with many such schemes, has proven utterly ineffective.  

Studies and articles written since the passage of the standard have documented dramatic increases in corn prices. One study released by the Heritage Foundation earlier this year placed the price increase as high as 68 percent, and researchers at The University of California Davis put the number at 30 percent.  

While this is certainly painful to U.S. consumers, around the world the impact is nothing short of life-threatening: Increased U.S. food prices impact food costs in developing countries, trapping millions in captive poverty and borderline starvation. On top of that, any presumed improvement in the environmental footprint of the corn-based ethanol feedstock has yet to come to fruition.  

The inherent problems and unintended consequences of the fuel standard have prompted efforts to try and fix or repeal the mandate.  

House Rule 1959 is being proposed by some members of Congress from Texas and other states to make a bad law better. HR 1959 – the Domestic Alternative Fuels Act – would add natural gas to the fuel standard mandate.  

Supporters argue doing so would end the government-granted monopoly corn ethanol enjoys and benefit consumers by addressing supply issues by giving more energy alternatives for meeting the ethanol mandate. For all its best intentions, HR 1959 could ultimately backfire and shore up the bad public policy that is inherent in the Renewable Fuel Standard.  

While our country’s prolific natural gas reserves certainly must be used to fuel our quality of life and our national security interests, adding it to the fuel standard in an attempt to create a level playing field is like putting lipstick on a pig. There is no way to improve the Renewable Fuel Standard short of repeal.  

The huge surge in supply of our domestic natural gas, thanks to horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in shale plays, and the inevitable price stability of our homegrown clean-burning natural gas are among the primary reasons for a manufacturing resurgence in Texas and across America. This dynamic makes us less dependent on foreign sources of energy and places America on a path to joining other gas-rich countries in the export of natural gas.  

Adding natural gas to the list of fuel standard mandates distorts prices and won’t help achieve price equilibrium that benefits both the producers and the consumers. Congress should not risk the negative consequences that could be brought forth by HR 1959 and instead must focus on the need for an outright repeal of the fuel standard.  

America is an energy nation thanks to states such as Texas. Let’s get government out of picking energy winners and losers and allow the market to decide the fate of “renewable” fuel. I place my money on the real deal that can stand on its own – natural gas.

 Elizabeth Ames Jones is the immediate past chairwoman of the Texas Railroad Commission. She served on the commission from 2005-2012.



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Mandatory Entitlement

In the 2010 debate Harry Reid, said, “these ideas of my opponent are really extreme” because I challenged him, “Man up, Harry Reid… In 1990, you said it was stealing to use Social Security for anything but Social Security, and then you voted to take that Social Security money into the general fund where it could be generally used for generally anything. When you did that, you left IOUs there, special Treasury bonds that are kept in a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, West Virginia.”(Medicare’s “trust fund” is empty by 2017 and Social Security’s “lock box” bankrupt by 2037.)

In 1993 and 2002, without Constitutional authority, The Social Security Administration (SSA) coupled Social Security and Medicare. SSA Bureaucrats, exercising legislative, executive, judicial, and enforcement powers, answered a request, “[S]ome individuals entitled to monthly benefits have asked to waive Hospital Insurance (HI) entitlement…and added rules to the “Program Operations Manual System”, stating “Individuals entitled to monthly benefits which confer eligibility for HI may not waive HI entitlement. The only way to avoid HI Entitlement is through withdrawal of the monthly benefit application. Withdrawal requires repayment of all Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance (RSDI) and HI benefit payments…The claimant can withdraw an application for: RSI [Retirement or Survivors Insurance, i.e., Social Security] … However, a claimant who is entitled to monthly RSI benefits cannot withdraw HI [Medicare, Part A] coverage only …” Seniors withdrawing from Medicare Part A must surrender their Social Security benefits and repay previous Social Security benefits.

By refusing the appeal of Hall v. Sebelius, the Supreme Court upheld this rule making entitlement mandatory.

“Karen” e-mailed me extolling Massachusetts “Obamacare”, I feel entitled to live like a dignified human being…I pay hardly anything for top shelf care …I receive $900/mo SSDI. Masshealth pays my part B Medicare,…The average studio in Boston/Cambridge is 1000/mo.…I pay 30%… Stop and think of all the necessary low wage earners that serve you and society that can’t afford healthcare. I believe we do and should live in a two tier society… Noblesse Oblige …The obligation of the noble as it were… if I were still a voter in Reno how would you solve my problems?”

In 2012, the noble average household’s share of government spending was $29,691; ($20,293 in taxes, with a deficit of $9,398), Food stamps have tripled, health programs have increased by 38 percent, and housing assistance is up 48 percent since 2002. Over 128.8 million Americans depend on government programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, about 44 percent of government spending, increase by 15 percent when $1.7 trillion is added due to Obamacare. About 40 million Americans have Medicare. If 1 percent of Medicare eligible seniors opted out, Medicare expenditures would decrease about $1.5 billion per year now and approximately $3.4 billion per year by 2017. If they could withdraw without penalty, what would 5% of these “evil, heartless, wealthy” Americans who paid for decades into Social Security and Medicare save America?

The entitled selectively don’t remember JFK’s proclamation, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.


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The Show Me State Showed Me- Part 1

The Eagle Forum’s annual Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Luncheon honoring Phyllis Schlafly, one of the true pioneers of the conservative movement, also featured Senator Rick Santorum, the real conservative choice for President in 2012. Senator Santorum’s refreshingly blunt, straightforward message absolutely nailed it when he said that we lost because we folded on the social issues, as the establishment rejected the Tea Party.   The one eternal principle – truth – was abandoned in favor of slick, glitzy, rhetoric pandering to the nebulous middle.

The vacuum of leadership in the Republican Party was apparent as  polling and focus groups took the place of standing on conviction and conservative principals.  The Republican establishment abhors cultural or social issues, believing that social conservatives are hated and therefore lose elections. This is the establishment that foists candidates on us who scold us to “get over Ronald Reagan.”

Eagle Forum Warriors

Rick Santorum’s immediate connection with his audience was unlike any I had ever witnessed. I should have known since Missouri was at the forefront of his three state single day victory that jolted the GOP Presidential Primary, showing him to be the most formidable conservative candidate to take on Obama. His gratitude for these Patriots was straight from his heart, not words on a teleprompter. I was privileged to be among this core group of gallant leaders that had defied the odds, taking up his banner as Phyllis Schlafly’s and Eagle Forum’s endorsement became the initial springboard that propelled him to victory. One could sense the mutual respect, appreciation and admiration that they shared. These valiant warriors rose above the all-out assault by the Republican establishment on conservatives, showing the courage of their convictions sadly lacking in the in the Republican elite hierarchy. These were the warriors that battled tirelessly, because they knew that our freedoms and liberty depended on it. The endless phone calls , envelope stuffing , block walking, door knocking , and sign postings among other arduous tasks  during 12 -14  hour days for months on end was not a job to these Patriots . It was a mission; a shared cause. Losing was not an option.

Rick Santorum – The Real Deal

Rick Santorum’s message, an anathema to the Republican elites, spoke unashamedly and boldly about God, family and country. The basic truth he emphasized encompassed the founding principle of the dignity of the individual because our unchanging rights are God given and protected by the Constitution. God loves what our country stands for.  We need to learn from Jesus’ love by telling our story to everyone, because our story is a model of what we believe. In defending the sanctity of life, our movement must be one of love. We must talk to people where they are, showing people we care. Our face must be of face of someone who loves a person in trouble.

His supply side economic plan for the working man, emphasized growth for 100 % of America.

His love for his daughter, Bella, resonated with us as he shared that as Bella battled trisomy 18, her great and beautiful spirit emitted unconditional love. This is lesson for us all.  Just as he fought partial birth abortion, he continues to fight for the rights of all special needs children.  The Senator’s humility, reminiscent of another Pennsylvania native and Missouri favorite son,  Stan Musial , was obvious when he told the story of a cab driver, who knew of Bella’s courageous battle but did not know who he was.

Just as God opposes the proud, he exalts the humble. Senator Santorum understands that the Divine nature of leadership is to be a servant leader.  So that our candidate will be A Choice Not an Echo we need to get behind one candidate and get behind him early. Phyllis Schlafly’ s and Eagle Forum’s choice was correct  in 2012, just as it will be in 2016.  

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Does Harry Reid’s Fortune Come From Illegal Activity?

Scandals in Government aren’t limited to IRS targeting, violation of First Amendment rights by the Obama administration, or Benghazigate. On May 29, one of Harry Reid’s closest Nevada friends was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions to “Friends of Harry Reid”, the Senator’s campaign fund. A unanimous federal grand jury convicted Harvey Whittemore of “making excessive campaign contributions, making contributions in the name of another and causing a false statement to be made to the Federal Election Commission.”

“These laws exist to protect the election process from undue influence and provide transparency to the voting public,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Myhre said.

Whittemore, faces 15 years in prison and $750,000 in fines. However, three felony convictions do not automatically remove Whittemore’s license to practice law.

“I appreciate the Whittemore family,” Reid said shortly before the verdict. “Over the years, they have helped me and I appreciate it very, very much. I’m sorry this problem has arisen… I think they are wonderful people.”

Whittemore gave $5,000 gifts or bonuses to 29 family members, employees and their spouses who each wrote checks to Reid’s campaign for $4600 at Whittemore’s suggestion. Whittemore promised Reid the money at a February 2007 meeting. “I received $25 million. He raised $150,000,” Reid implied it was a small amount,  yet upon receiving the donation, Reid sent an FBI  authenticated thank you note, “Harvey, you’re a man of your word” and “You are a true friend now and for all days.”

Was the $150,000 a payback? A 2006 LA Times article revealed deals netting Reid $700,000 from selling land he did not own and payments from lobbyists (including Jack Abramoff and Harvey Whittemore). Harry’s son, Leif Reid, negotiated for Whittemore with federal officials reportedly calling his father’s office to discuss the permits. When asked about the deal, Harry Reid responded: “It said a guy years ago had a dream, Harvey Whittemore, and he’s building a city in the desert … Why would anyone not want to help with this?”

In an earlier blog I quoted from the 2010 Senatorial debate, where I asked Senator Reid, “You came from Searchlight to the Senate with very little. Now you’re one of the richest men in the U.S. Senate. And on behalf of Nevada taxpayers we’d like to know, how did you become so wealthy on a government payroll?”

“I live on a fixed income,” Reid answered. Does Reid pass the smell test or just raise more questions? Does that “fixed income” lead to the financial go-to-guy for Nevada candidates running for everything from county commission to U.S. Congress, aka Harvey Whittemore?  Was it the likes of Harvey Whittemore who were “fixing” Senator Reid’s income?

Does “the fix” go deeper? Just after the Whittemore indictment, St. George, UT businessman, Jeremy Johnson, accused Utah Attorney General Swallow of brokering a $600,000 deal in 2010 with Senator Reid to make a federal lawsuit “go away.” Johnson provided dozens of emails, two financial records, photos and a transcript to support his allegations.

Who else owes Reid? Would candidate campaign reports containing the name “Whittemore” be revealing?

Was Columnist Sherman Frederick’s right when he joked, “Harry Reid takes bribes all the time…That’s how he’s gotten so rich on a senator’s salary.”

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Battleground Texas

Democrats have the lasers of their gun sights firmly painted on Texas and your God-given freedoms. Their plan, if successful, for making Texas a battleground state and then a Democrat stronghold would mean The United States would become permanently Democrat controlled.


Their people-based , metric –driven  organization‘s objective is to make Texas “part of a national discussion” as a swing / battle ground state, by expanding their electorate through voter registration and enlisting disengaged ( liberal ) voters. The intent of their data-driven, people-focused approach is to make every Texas election hotly contested. Top TX Democrat donor Steve Mustyn has pledged to raise the $10 million needed to drive their campaign. They are sending their top strategists with the goal to complete Obama’s vision of transforming our country into his Marxist state, as they attempt to drive the final nails in the coffin of our freedoms and liberty. These young operatives, (20’s & 30’s), are passionate, experienced in Obama (Chicago style) politics, and are storming Texas with a vengeance that must be reckoned with.

Technology Edge Democrats

The GOP technology edge is gone, with the GOP being more than two years behind in developing data – gathering and warehousing technology. We are far behind on social media, as Obama reached millions of people by answering questions on Reddit and hosted digital town halls. Obama’s campaign began the election year confident that they knew the names and interests of every 69,456,897 voter who put Obama in the White House,

Keeping Texas Red

Undoubtedly, Democrats were energized by The GOP’s dismal national performance in 2012. Although we cannot underestimate their commitment and political will, be of good cheer; because the playing field is different in Texas. Above all, the Texas State GOP, and County GOPs (like our Denton County Republican Party) realize the grassroots are the party and that they are there to serve them. Dianne Edmondson’s leadership, with 10 years of winning all partisan elections in Denton County ,  is a testament that common people can do uncommonly great things when given a vision, encouragement, freedom, and direction.

A Call to Arms

Your local County GOP is where the rubber meets the road. Not only are they your local voice, they are your voice at the state and national levels. Most importantly they are responsible for our local primary elections. With Chicago- style politics on the horizon, they are our first line of defense in protecting the sovereignty of our ballot. Early voting, straight party balloting and electronic voting in general elections are allies of the left. Lose the credibility of the ballot and the United States becomes a banana republic.

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Benghazi- Obama’s “Bay of Pigs”

Basic core values or lack thereof reveal why no attempt was made to rescue Americans on   9/11/12 when the Benghazi Embassy was attacked. If you have no respect for life at any point along the spectrum from conception until natural death, you will be able to be convinced by someone or some event that there are other points along the same spectrum not worthy of protection. Barack Obama’s lack of a moral compass resulted in the death of four brave American Patriots on that date.

Abortion on Demand

No single focus better exposes this  Imperial  President’s  obsession  to crush our First Amendment Rights,  while  he coercively secularizes our culture to eradicate  religious values from our society , than his unrelenting mantra of  championing abortion . Without moral plumb lines, liberalism itself becomes a religion, with abortion its sacrament. A radical ideolog, neither existing law nor the will of the people will  dissuade him  from his radical  fanaticism  for  abortion on demand , partial birth abortion and even infanticide . He routinely circumvents the rule of law with executive orders, from mandating embryonic stem cell research to attempting to rescind conscience protections for medical professionals who refuse to participate in abortions.   From his cabinet to his czars, to his Supreme Court nominees, the first requirement for appointment is an unwavering commitment to his sacrament of abortion. While in the Illinois legislature he opposed the “Born Alive Infants protection Act “three times. The federal version of the bill had been passed unanimously.

End of Life

Obama‘s contempt for the Constitution is evidenced by his recess appointment of his health care czar, Donald Berwick, who is top administrator over Medicare and Medicaid. Berwick’s statement,” Excellent health care is by definition, redistribution “is all we really need to know about what is in the future for seniors.  

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, policy advisor at the Office of Management and Budget  and member of the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, displays utter contempt for the Hippocratic Oath as he blames it for” overuse of medical care .” His call for allocating “ scarce medical resources “ , leaves little doubt that the medical system that has won more Nobel Prizes in Medicine and physiology than the rest of the world combined since 1950 , is under assault by Obama and his henchmen.

AWOL Obama

Reference Rudy Cajka’s The Meaning of The Benghazi Cover –Up May 15, 2013. The subject premise is that The Select Committee will discover that  “President Obama gave the military orders to stand down in Benghazi because permitting the military to move on September 11 would be tantamount to admitting that a major terrorist attack was underway.” Obama’s election campaign narrative was “GM is alive and Osama is dead”. He lied to the American people because he did not want to admit that Al Qaida and worldwide terrorism were alive and well.

Just as JFK’s strategy of “plausible deniability” doomed the “Bay of Pigs “mission to liberate Cuba,   Obama’s similar desire for “plausible deniability “exposes his total disdain for the sanctity of life. Obama is our Nero. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama fiddled while Ambassador Stevens and Foreign Service officer Sean Smith were brutally murdered by Muslim extremist terrorists. Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty gave their lives attempting to save Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, but their heroic efforts allowed 20 administrative personnel to escape.  

Since his fundamental transformation of the United States was not complete, Obama condemned these Four Valiant Patriots as expendable and unworthy of protection on his perceived spectrum of life.

The following letter by Craig R. Jacobi, Col, USAF, (Ret) articulately summarizes the pulse of America today, Memorial Day.

“Dear Mr.  Obama,

 Thank you for not going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

There is something very sacred about that place and about that day.

Those who bled and died for this country deserve to be honored and saluted by people who love their country and honor their sacrifice.

You don’t belong there.

Thank you for realizing that and going to Chicago.”

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